Request For Quote (RFQ)

Buyers (Users) can Request for Quote (RFQ) easily, the request goes to your Vendors (Sellers) in real-time.

Powerful RFQ Feature
  • Generate RFQ

  • Manage RFQ

  • Initiate Chat 

  • Create Project 

  • Create Milestones

  • Release Payments 

Click Token

You can manage how much you want to charge your vendor for RFQ lead. 

RFQ Message Service

Buyer (user) can select RFQ Bid and initiate a message from inbuilt chat service.

Freelancer Freindly

Freelancers can add services and buy RFQ leads on your platform.

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Click Tokens

Click Tokens is part of platform offering, where multiple sales tools, apps can be purchased by your customer and revenue from it is shared with you based on your membership plan. 

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What is RFQ Cycle?

1. Define the need

Once you define your niche, make clear categories and subcategories for your marketplace. Buyer (user) will visit your website and place RFQ. 

Initial RFQ are important for you to see how you are connecting buyer and seller. 

2. Identify Seller

Seller of that particular subcategory and keyword will be informed on the seller dashboard. After reviewing the request, the seller can place a bid for RFQ.

The platform will also send automatic emails to the seller informing them about new RFQ lead. 

3. Communicate

Your communication with your seller is the key to a profita business. You can communicate seller about RFQ by emailing them or calling them depending on the size of your business.  

User can communicate with the seller, and purchase services by initiating a chat. 

RFQ Usage Example

Joe wants to buy LED lights with IoT functionalities. He wants to use voice and gestures to switch lights on or off. You have developed a B2B website focusing on LED Lights with IoT functionalities and have different vendors across the globe who are selling such products on your platform. 

Joe does not know the exact product or brand and therefore he places RFQ on your platform and mentions that he needs:

Led Light (Category) and IOT Enabled (Sub Category) and mentions a brief description. Different vendors across the globe are informed about Joe's requirement and vendors can place bids. Joe receives these bids on the platform itself where he can see prices offered by different vendors. He can initiate chat and discuss his requirement in details. At the same time, if he wishes to buy a customised product he can either create a project or click a link to purchase provided by the vendor. 

RFQ is sent to sellers, and also the Freelancers who can provide such a service. 

You can generate revenue whenever someone buys RFQ leads by using Click Tokens in the seller dashboard. 

How much money can you make by selling RFQ Leads?


Daily RFQ requests by your buyers (website visitors): 1000

Price per RFQ (Price charged by you for 1 RFQ lead to your vendor): USD 10 


Total RFQ revenue generated per day: USD 10,000