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Three key features that make B2B Lead Generating Website Successful

Global B2B Platform requirements are increasing day by day as many startups are looking for genuine leads for their businesses. After Covid19 Pandemic, the overall demand for generating digital leads has increased considerably when compared to previous years. Startups, and companies are going beyond Google, Facebook and Linkedin to generate quality leads and are looking for websites that create a niche within their target audience.

Niche targeted websites create better quality leads, increases possibilities of conversion and user retention.

3 Key Features for B2B Websites

Three key features that make B2B Lead Generating Website Successful are as follows:-

  1. RFQ: Request for Quote, a feature that allows buyers to list their requirements and sellers to bid for the same. If buyer agrees, he or she can initiate chat and talk to seller directly.

  2. Landing pages, a very popular feature that gives brief introduction about the product or service of the seller, and has a request form for the customer to fill. Leadsfrom landing pages have higher probability of conversion.

  3. Pay per lead, a feature that allows sellers to pay only when there is a lead created on the platform. This system dates back to early days of Google and is now popular feature among many lead generating website

Apart from these three key features, other features are add on services like advertisement, search sponsor, verified badge or similar items that can add to revenue, but nothing beats a good engine that can generate quality leads and retain users for longer time horizons.

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