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How to launch NFT Marketplace?

Are you looking to launch your own NFT Marketplace, where you will allow buyers and sellers to bid, sell NFTs on Etherium Blockchain?

Try FQZEE platform that is NFT ready, and can launch your marketplace within few days. You can make your own NFT Marketplace with multi seller support and make a NFT Marketplace like and many other NFT marketplaces that are being built these days.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are Non-fungible tokens. They are unique digital assets that are verified on Etherium blockchain, which means that the rightful owner of NFT token can be identified as it is maintained on Etherium Blockchain. This adds value to NFT because it can be verified and also because it is unique and therefore can be sold to someone else, transacted or stored for future sale.

If you would like to make a marketplace where digital assets like paintings, digital art, music, tweets, images, songs, beats, write-ups, books or anything that is digital can be sold or exchange ownership then you can make your NFT marketplace on FQZEE platform.

FQZEE platform has many features focussed on B2B Marketplace and is ready for B2C and NFT Marketplace that can be launched for FREE.

How much do you have to pay to launch your own NFT marketplace?

You do not have to pay anything upfront, and most of the payment is only related to Gas Fees for the Etherium Blockchain - and only when you add NFT on the blockchain.

FQZEE platform also has a unique method of adding NFT with option of a Pre-NFT mode, where your sellers can add digital assets on FQZEE platform but do not add on Etherium Blockchain upfront. They can add it only at the time a purchase is initiated. This is an experimental method that is being worked on.

Some key features of FQZEE platform are:-


Bidding System

Lead generation System

Messaging System

Freelancer Friendly

Subscription Plans

Seller Landing Pages f& Websites

NFT Transaction System

Crypto Wallets & Payment Integrations

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