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Fin-tech B2C Marketplace Idea - Sell Trading Indicators & Tools

Are you in the Fin-tech business world, where there are numerous stakeholders trying to fight for the best tool and indicator to trade on stock market for profitability & growth? Do you use third party websites for stock charts and trading indicators like Trading View and so on?

Do you want to sell your services in Fin-tech, stock trading or trading ideas? Or perhaps make a Marketplace just like Amazon for Finance?

Sell Private Indicators in the marketplace using B2B and B2C Marketplace Platform - FQZEE
Sell Private Indicators in the marketplace using B2B and B2C Marketplace Platform - FQZEE

This is a unique opportunity for you to start your own B2C Marketplace, where you can allow your sellers to sell their services and products to your buyers in the Fin-tech world.

Here are top marketplace niche examples of how you can create your own marketplace for the Fin-tech world:-

  1. Stock Trading tools, Indicators, Private Indicators, Charting Tools

  2. Private Equity Funds, Investment Opportunities & Financial Consultation

  3. Alternate Assets, RITES, other opportunities to invest

  4. Marketplace for financial investment - where buyer & seller can meet, interact and invest via third party checkout links

  5. Stock Market Trading Ideas & Strategies

There can be number of different Fin-Tech ideas for marketplace including insurance, investments, real estate investments and more. You can reach out to global audience with multi currency support, advertising and lead generation mechanism and inbuilt CRM for your sellers using seller dashboard.

If you are interested in starting your own business online, Fin-tech marketplace then you can visit and start your dream business today.

How can you generate revenue / make money using FQZEE for Fin-Tech Marketplace?

You can generate revenue in more than one ways,:-

  1. Charge Subscription from seller and free for visitors of your website

  2. Charge Transaction Fees from buyer or seller

  3. Advertisement

  4. Sponsor Search

  5. Landing Pages

  6. Lead generation - Pay Per Lead

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