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B2B Marketplace Niche Ideas 2021 - Money Magnets

This post was updated on September 2020 and focuses on B2B Marketplace Nice Ideas for 2021. The post aims at explaining how B2B Marketplace as a business can transform entrepreneurs and add more value after Covid19 Pandemic. B2B Marketplace can add more value after Covid19 Pandemic. Here are some of the top B2B Marketplace Niche for 2021 - Money Magnets

After Covid19 disrupted various industries, the interest on online marketplace has increased 400% & has gained much more momentum than anticipated. The growth rate is at its highest peak and will grow more than 30% CAGR throughout next 10 years or so. Here are some great B2B Marketplace Niche Ideas for the year 2021.

Businesses, that sell products often look for ways to find new buyers, clients and also ways to advertise their products online. B2B Marketplace becomes one way of making sure that vendor's products are in front of your buyer, a very easy way of getting in touch with buyers directly. For these businesses, often termed as vendors or sellers of the marketplace, the essential and cost important reason for joining marketplace, is often to increase business, find new buyer and to find new sales channel.

FQZEE B2B Marketplace is one such platform that can help you start new online business easily. For more details visit

The difference between B2C and B2B Marketplace:-

Before we discuss Niche ideas for B2B Marketplace for the year 2021, let us understand main difference between B2C and B2B Marketplace.

B2C Marketplace, focuses on connecting buyer to the end customer, often allowing a direct sale of the product on the marketplace platform. Buyer will often have options to compare products, read product features or directly purchase the product.

B2B Marketplace, focuses on connecting businesses, often allowing bulk purchases, quantity discounts, RFQs, pricing by customer, payment methods, lead generation.

FQZEE platform is flexible B2C & B2B platform that allows an entrepreneur to start business easily, thus allowing businesses to interact using a chat system, allowing freelancers, agents, distributors and channel partners to enrol, and allow lead generation.

FQZEE platform also allows payment methods, CPC and external checkouts making it flexible for Entrepreneurs to not only immediately start but also scale business.

With Easy setup, low entry cost, access to new audience, B2B Marketplace attracts vendors to come on platform for any niche.

Few top Online Marketplace that have successfully created businesses are:-

  • Alibaba – Launched in 1999, this Chinese-company serves millions of buyers and suppliers globally.

  • ThomasNet – Leading online platform for B2B seller discovery and product sourcing with over 500,000 suppliers on its platform.

  • IndiaMart – India’s largest B2B marketplace with over 3.5 buyers and a selling model similar to Alibaba.

  • eWorldTrade – This US-based platform is the world’s fastest growing B2B portal and services more than 220 countries.

  • TradeIndia – India’s second largest marketplace with over 3 million registered users.

  • EC21 – Established in Korea and operates three different marketplaces for China, Korea, and globally. It has over 2 million members, 7 million products, and 3.5 million buyers.

  • DHGate – Online marketplace for wholesale consumer products with about 1.2 million sellers globally and 10 million buyers.

  • Amazon Business – Specific B2B portal for Professional Sellers to reach business customers on Amazon.

  • FGM Vendors – Online wholesale marketplaces that operates like an online tradeshow.

  • Wholesale Central – Largest wholesale directory of active wholesalers and wholesale products since 1996.

  • Joor – Largest wholesale marketplace for fashion with 155,000 retailers and 1,500 brands,

  • Field Engineer – An example of a niche B2B marketplace that solely focuses on helping business find and hire Telecom engineers.

  • Global Sources – A B2B media company that is a primary facilitator of trade with Greater China using English-language media. They have more than 1.5 million international buyers.

Hot B2B Niche for 2021 after Covid19 Pandemic:-

  1. Experiences: Have you ever attended events online? How about watched a youtube video? If you have enjoyed watching a video online than you can be target audience for an experience B2B marketplace idea. AirBNB is heavily exploring this segment and so are other entrepreneurs who want to create marketplace for different experiences mostly in the form of video or one on one consulting like sessions. E.g. Experiences for travel, cooking, tarot reading, consulting or anything that is new and can be added as an experience by any one (vendor) on the marketplace. Start your own B2B marketplace for Experiences on FQZEE here.

  2. Fashion: Fashion is here to stay even after Covid19, people are buying online and they need to be fashionable even at home. If you plan to start your own Fashion B2B Marketplace, you can focus on particular niche within Fashion Industry e.g. Sustainable Fashion, Street Wear, Jewellery, Recycle and UpCycle Store and so on. Start your own B2B marketplace for Fashion on FQZEE here.

  3. PPE Items: Are you in health care industry? If you are, then you know how big is PPE Industry, now crossing 60 Billion USD in sales, this has become an industry overnight, thanks to Covid19 Pandemic that has spread like a wild fire, perhaps even worse. PPE Items are selling, and B2B is best platform for businesses, hospitals, medical distributors, agents and freelancers to find PPE Items on B2B Marketplace. Start your own B2B marketplace for PPE Items on FQZEE here.

  4. Digital: If there is a demand and supply, marketplace will be there. If there is a demand for any thing digital, there will be marketplace for it. Digital services like editing, designing, customising, building, installing, servicing, maintaining of anything like website, software, mobile app or more is hot idea for B2B Marketplace in 2021. Start your own B2B marketplace for Digital products on FQZEE here.

  5. Jobs: With ongoing crisis in the job market, disruption in after the Covid19 as Work from Home being New Normal, it seems that Job B2B Marketplace is next big thing and if you can focus on particular Niche within this area, you can make it even big. Create a marketplace for Jobs based on industry, e.g Work from Home Marketplace, Job Marketplace for Digital Marketers, Interns, Freelancers, or more. Marketplace on traditional lines like Job Portal for Engineers or Doctors or based on skill set e.g. Chef, BlockChain, Server Management etc. Start your own B2B marketplace for Jobs on FQZEE here.

How can you start B2B Marketplace with FQZEE?

FQZEE B2B Marketplace Platform is easy to use platform that needs zero coding and can get you up and running within one day. All you need is your own domain name and you can start B2B business with ease.

It is only after you reach 50 paying customers, that is when you start paying a nominal subscription fees to FQZEE.

For more details hit Signup on FQZEE’s home page:

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