Click Tokens

Easy way to manage a complete set of offerings for your vendors (sellers).

Click Tokens Features
  • Manage how much Tokens you want to charge for different services in seller dashboard like Pay Per Lead, RFQ, Become Freelancer and more

  • Standard payment gateway where income is split and shared based on your membership plan on FQZEE

  • Manage Token offerings e.g 1000 Tokens for USD 100 

  • Every vendor (seller) will have their own Token Counter with inbuilt weekly email and booster marketing emails to help them use Click Tokens

How Much

You can manage how much you want to charge your vendor for RFQ lead, CPC etc. based on subcategories. 

Fast Withdrawals

Get your money after Token Fees deductions immediately in your bank account. 


All new features within FQZEE ecosystem will be part of Click Token for ease of management and scalability.  

Why Click Token

Click Token is an inbuilt system of the platform that not only manages vendor (seller)'s individual token balances but also allows platform owner (you) to increase revenue potential & income generation through sale of advertisement, leads, RFQs, landing pages, funding options among many more. 

It is the backbone of the FQZEE that creates a seamless & easy way of managing your platform. 

Click Token Usage FLow

1. Define Price

Define price for the Click Tokens on your platform. E.g. 100 Tokens for USD 10 or 1000 Tokens for USD 50 

2. Communicate

Communicate with your vendors (sellers) about pricing, using email marketing and other tools. 

3. Make Money

Vendors (sellers) will purchase Click Tokens so that they use it to buy leads and other service offerings on the seller dashboard. 

More you sell Click Tokens,

more you make money based on your membership plan. 

Click Token Usage Example

You run a Furniture B2B Marketplace and sell different types of Home Furniture like beds, tables, sofas, side tables etc. These can be divided into multiple subcategories. Each subcategory can have one single lead price (for RFQ, for Pay per Lead) that your seller will need to purchase using Click Tokens. 

E.g. you can sell a lead for bed buyer, a lead for side table buyer at different prices based on Click Token prices, e.g. 1 lead for buyer of bed will cost 10 Click Tokens, and 1 lead of side table buyer will cost 5 Click Tokens

A simple Click Token system allows you to control seller experience on your B2B platform. 

How much money can you make by selling Click Tokens?


Daily leads that your B2B platform is generating: 100

Total number of sellers for these 100 leads: 10 (min)

Selling price per lead: USD 10 

Total revenue generated by selling Click Tokens: USD 1000 per day