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​Customer Reviews

I started with Solar panel niche and have more than 250 monthly paying subscribers on Fqzee Platform.

Ankur Bajpai


My online store caters to LED industry, we have 40,000 monthly visitors and about 400 monthly paying subscribers.

Riley Jones


Our platform focuses on baby products & courses. We have more than 250 subscribers. 

Reese Mathers


Start your Business

Start your online business with Fqzee B2B Multi-Vendor Platform for FREE. Make money by focusing on a single Niche category and grow your business globally or focus on a single country.


After Covid19 disrupted various industries, the interest on online marketplace has increased 400% & has gained much more momentum than anticipated. The growth rate is at its highest peak and will grow more than 30% CAGR throughout next 10 years or so. Here are some great B2B Marketplace Niche Ideas for the year 2021.

Click here, to contact us and start your online business journey to make monthly revenue pipeline. 

Learn about features of FQZEE platform, that can help you launch your online B2B business, anywhere in the world. 

B2B & B2C


Made simple.

FQZEE is an online e-commerce website platform just like Shopify or Wix but focussed on B2B & B2C Marketplace Platforms. 


Start FREE (No Credit Card Required)

Key Features:

Lead Generation (Charge for Leads)


Marketing & Sales Tools

Token Based 


Inbuilt Message 

Global Payment Gateway

Selling Tools 

Email Marketing

Freelancer Friendly (Milestone Payments)

Launch Your Marketplace with #FQZEE

Sell (allow) anything including NFTs

Create B2B & B2C Marketplace with Multi-Vendor Support just like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, Aliexpress, IndiaMart, Thomasnet & others easily.​​​ Focus on a niche category like medical supply, furniture or softwares & allow vendors to list their products on your marketplace. 


Create NFT Marketplace that runs on blockchain with Multi-Vendor Support. Sell digital paintings, tweets, sports collections or any other collections digitally on Etherium Blockchain & charge listing fees or success fees every time there is transaction on the blockchain. 

Checkout few websites created on FQZEE (Testing Mode) (Demo)

launching soon...

launching soon...

Are you ready to start your online B2B business?

2  —

Can I customise Fqzee?

Yes, you can customise based on your requirements by paying customisation fees.

1  —

Is this for B2B or B2C?

FQZEE supports both B2B and B2C Multi-Vendor or Single-Vendor Marketplace. 

3 —

Can I connect to my Domain?

Yes, connect to your own web domain & launch your business easily on #FQZEE.

Make it big, here.

FQZEE is a feature-rich B2B platform that offers
FREE updates for life.
And it is for everyone.
Start a new business, whether you are looking for B2B ideas or are looking for ways to make money.
Create freelancer friendly B2B Marketplace with options like create project & release milestone (Escrow)

Add unlimited products

Grow your business with inbuilt sales tools

Multiple revenue options

Focus on Niche

Free till you make money

Simple yet Powerful

The platform comes with sales and marketing tools that ensure your success. Tell us your target and we will make it happen. Sign up today.

Easy to Use

An interface that's perfect for anyone who wants to start an online business. It's so simple that you can use it immediately, without training and launch your B2B website within a Day.

And if you ever have a question, our team is here to help!

How to create a monthly income stream from Niche Online Business using Fqzee B2B Marketplace Platform.

B2B Marketplace Ideas for 2021

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