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Launch Your B2B Marketplace Idea with FQZEE

Start B2B Marketplace 

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Turn your B2B marketplace vision into reality in just 1 month with FQZEE. Our feature-rich B2B marketplace software empowers you to create a dynamic platform focused on lead generation, buyer and seller interactions, and multi-vendor functionality.

Pay One Time $5997 + Annual Hosting Charges


Empower Your Business with Advanced B2B Marketplace Tools

Lead Generation | Product / Company Pages | Seller Dashboards

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Effective Lead Management

Advanced Search & Filtering

In-Depth Analytics

At FQZEE, we understand the importance of managing leads in a B2B marketplace.


Our platform offers powerful lead management tools that enable you to track, nurture, and convert leads effortlessly. Capture leads from various sources, manage them centrally, and gain valuable insights into your lead generation efforts.


Whether you aim to boost sales, enhance customer relationships, or streamline your lead generation process, our lead management features can help you achieve your goals.

Why Choose FQZEE for Your B2B Marketplace?

Launch a Feature-Rich B2B Marketplace MVP Quickly ​

Easy Setup, No Hassle

Set up your B2B or B2C marketplace effortlessly without any coding or complications. FQZEE's marketplace software is designed to focus on revenue models such as lead generation, advertisement opportunities, and subscription membership plans.


Choose your niche, whether it's manufacturing suppliers, chemical suppliers, raw material suppliers, or any other specific category.

Start Your MVP Journey with FQZEE

Get started with FQZEE for a one-time fee starting at $5997, plus hosting charges. Book a demo today and let our team guide you through the process of launching your MVP.


Book a Demo & understand seamless Integrations Integrate with Google and Meta APIs effortlessly. Our platform offers in-built CRM APIs, Payment Gateway APIs, and more. Customize the platform to suit your specific requirements.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate with Google and Meta APIs effortlessly. Our platform offers in-built CRM APIs, Payment Gateway APIs, and more. Customize the platform to suit your specific requirements.

ChatGPT ready. Easy installations.

Flexible B2B Marketplace Software

Feature Rich, Seller Dashboard

Use Fqzee’s seller focussed dashboards to empower sellers and give them right tools to harness your platform.

Coupons / Product Badges / Banner Ads

Token Wallets

RFQ / Lead Generation

Request Withdrawal (With Lock-in feature)


Enhanced Search and Filtering for Lead Generation

FQZEE's Advanced Search and Filtering Features Simplify Discovery Discover the right products and services effortlessly with FQZEE's advanced search and filtering capabilities.


Our powerful search engine allows buyers to quickly locate specific products and services, while intuitive filters enable them to narrow down search results based on parameters such as price, location, category, and more.

This feature not only benefits buyers in finding what they need but also helps sellers be discovered by their target customers.


Our user-friendly and highly customizable search and filtering feature ensures quick and easy navigation for buyers and maximum visibility for sellers.


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Our Satisfied Clients

Why companies like Fqzee?

User Friendly | Transparent Pricing

Fqzee is an excellent platform for B2B purchasing. As a buyer, I love the convenience of being able to compare and purchase products from multiple vendors in one place. 
The interface is user-friendly, and the customer support team is always available to help. I appreciate the transparent pricing and the ability to track my orders from start to finish. 

Sam Whol
Demand Generation Head

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